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Desert Palms Physical Therapy opened in NW Tucson in 1997. A top of the line physical therapy practice, Desert Palms combines clinical expertise in advanced orthopedic manual therapy and medical exercise with excellent patient outcomes. Our team focuses on quality and persistent attention to detail. Our therapists have trained under many world-renowned physical therapists and we strive to provide a unique, comprehensive approach to patient care.  
Desert Palms Physical Therapy's team is fully dedicated to providing collaborative, individualized treatment in a compassionate and caring environment.  
In just 10 years Desert Palms expanded and presented the “Movement Studio” and services such as; Pilates, Acupuncture, Massage Therapy, Yoga and Fitness classes. 
After some refining and perfecting, in 2014, Desert Palms opened their second location in Oro Valley.  This coalition created a multi-disciplinary approach with the addition of Integrative Medicine, Chiropractic, Nutritional Guidance, Yoga, Massage, Acupuncture, Thai Chi/Chi Gong. Thai Body Work, TRX, and Dance.  

Today at Desert Palms Physical Therapy and Movement Studio, we believe in balancing body, mind, and spirit through quality hands-on treatment. Our individualized, full spectrum approach will restore, revitalize and motivate our patients towards maintaining a higher level of well-being. 




Desert Palms is a coordinated network of clinicians, support staff, patients, and clients who work together to move, think, and feel more well. We are inclusive of all people and work in coordinated teams to efficiently teach and learn. We are passionate about movement and believe that through movement and community we become better people.


Be a healer
Our business is focused on helping people to move achieve and sustain wellness. This is dependent on the healing intentions of every individual in our organization. Accept this in all elements and with every interaction. This includes mental, social, physical, and spiritual health. Be an example and strive to improve your personal wellness in every way.

Welcome all people
All people are unique and experience life differently. This fact is what makes people interesting. Be sensitive to this and allow yourself to learn from other’s life experiences.

Be curious
Seek out learning opportunities in all aspects of life. Ask questions at every opportunity. Learning work duties is not sufficient to maintain a fulfilled life. Challenge yourself to always be attempting or improving on something that is new or unfamiliar.

Think outside the box, but also be good at working within the box
Be great at the basics and follow historically successful strategies. Also, be great at looking beyond the basics to find new and innovative ways to improve on our daily routine. Always be open to new suggestions no matter how strange or uncomfortable they may sound.

Maintain open and honest relationships
Communicate openly and clearly. Consider the daily constitution of people you interact with; remember that everyone’s perception of your interactions is their individual reality. Be cautious with criticism and be liberal with praise. View criticism as an opportunity to improve. We are always working on a team whether it is a team of clinician and patient or teams within our company. In every case we are more productive together and incapable alone.

Be passionate and recognize that nothing is ever as good as it could be
Recognize that everything can always be improved upon. Always strive to improve on daily practices and processes. Stay excited about your work and look to make improvements daily. Recognize that you are in control of your interests and motivation. The day goes faster and you will produce better quality work when you maintain your interest.