Sports Medicine

Desert Palms sports medicine PT’s welcomes all athletes from weekend warriors, high school and collegiate athletes to elite professional athletes. Our physical therapists are experts in structural & functional biomechanics and as “movement specialists” a perfect addition to your training team.

At Desert Palms we review what activities/sports you participate in and will listen to and focus on your performance goals. Our treatment plan will be directed by your personal history as well as a thorough examination identifying current and previous injuries. We never want you to miss a season or a sustained period of play.

Your therapy will be tailored to your sports specific needs and whether you had surgery or are currently experiencing pain, we can develop the ideal plan for your every issue or musculoskeletal ailment. In addition to manual therapy, modalities and prescribed exercise, our therapists incorporate various methods of yoga, Pilates, TRX, Tai Chi/Chi Gong and dosed medically based exercise to target your specific injury, expedite recovery and achieve your personal sport specific goals.

Our therapists provide Performance Assessment to identify your movement, flexibility and strength impairments as well as identify possible old unresolved joint, soft tissue and biomechanical compensatory issues. We develop a short and long term plan to restore optimal performance and a fitness plan to achieve and keep you at your best performance levels. If we are doing our job correctly, your future should include the prevention of recurrence of injury or of sustaining any new injuries.

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Sports Medicine



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