Desert Palms' Therapists provide an Ergonomic Assessment so that you can maintain your health and avoid injury. As your movement expert, we are sensitive to the physical, psychological and intellectual demands placed on our patients in the workplace. Therefore, to sustain an active healthy lifestyle, there is an essential need for balanced and optimal performance in work, home and recreational activities. We can keep you working so that you can keep on playing!

We are known for our exceptional approach to workplace injury prevention by considering the whole person and how your body structure, posture, physical demands, work behaviors, personal health status and body mechanics all play into your wellness and efficiency on the job. We consider your unique experiences and history as keys to understanding how to prevent injuries and help you return from injuries by taking all these important components into account. Our focus is to reduce your time out of work, help you gain your life back and reduce the time and financial costs associated to these physical injuries. 

Work Injuries and Ergonomics



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